About Me

I enjoy all cars, domestic or foreign, Oldsmobile or not. Every single car is interesting as it offers a story or insight into the time it was made or designed. Even if you look at a car that is 'ugly' you can postulate as to the reasons for why it looks as it does, and these answers
can be really interesting.

I grew up in a GM family, a particularly Oldsmobile oriented one. The first car I 'drove' while sitting on my dads lap, was a mid 70s Olds Cutlass. I had also toured top down, with my grandmother in her red '60 Dynamic 88 convertible to go get ice cream, pick strawberries, or just for the love of the drive. My dad has had his '72 W-30 convertible since it was new and I grew up enjoying that car also. My own first car was a hand me down of my grandmothers '87 Cutlass Supreme coupe, to which I doubled the tire size of, tinted the windows and installed a big sound system into.

When the end came for Oldsmobile in 2004, I thought I could put my interest in Oldsmobiles to use and provide a sort of repository or treasure chest of information on Olds. My goal here is not to make money, but to enjoy a hobby, to collect and provide free information to anyone looking for it. Since 2004 I've seen information dissapear on Oldsmobile and memories pass as people who were part of Olds, also pass. I think it is so important to try to save this information for so many reasons.

I've been rewarded by hearing from people either expressing thanks or looking for and also asking permission to use information found here. I've met a great variety of interesting people through doing this. From descendants of Ransom Olds, to a wife looking to make her husband a pillow with a certain Olds logo, to graphic artists doing projects for GM, to designers of Olds vehicles, on through to the 'everyday' enthusiasts.

I am consistently amazed at the amount of information on Olds is 'out there', and as we get more into digitizing history, there is still more and more. I regularly seek out information- even on topics that I have already covered, in case there is more to discover and also to verify past information. I don't think I could ever run out of information to organize and post here on Outright Oldsmobile.

Congratulations to you if you are part of the Olds family, whether you are out there keeping an Olds alive, or are out there just appreciating Oldsmobile heritage!

Thanks for reading and visiting!