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Over the years, Outright Oldsmobile has been honored to recieve references and citations from many different people and organizations.

In March of 2014 - Jalopnik.com (part of the Gizmodo Media Group) referenced a portion of the Oldsmobile Aerotech article:

3 28 2014 Jalopnikb

3 28 2014 Jalopnik

In August of 2014 - OldCarsWeekly.com ("#1 Resource for Collectible Autos & Old Cars") was able to help out a reader with info found on the logos page:

Aug 2014 OldCars

In July of 2017 - McFarland & Co. Publishing published "The Cadillac Northstar V-8: A History" and made reference to Outright Olds Aerotech article:

Northstar Book 2017

In July of 2018 - GM Authority posted "History Alley: Some Of The First Oldsmobile Cars Were Electric" making reference to Outright Olds' Early Olds Electrics article.

GM Authority

In July of 2018 - TheNewsWheel.com posted "Electric Car History: The Early Oldsmobile Electrics That Almost Were" making reference to Outright Olds' Early Olds Electrics article.


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