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Oldsmobile History Links

General Automotive History (now via Internet Archive...slow to load)
History of the Automobile (via GM Canada)
Final Ode to Oldsmobile
Oldsmobile: A rear view (BBC)
Born in fire - Curved-dash Olds
Dead at 106 nations oldest car company
Worlds Greatest Cars: Olds Curved-dash runabout
Wikipedia Entry for Oldsmobile
Oldsmobile 1897-2004
REO Motor Cars
Detroit and the American Auto Industry (thanks Lucas!)
Oldsmobile In Australia


Oldsmobile Reviews

Consumer Guide: Oldsmobile Used Car Reviews and Ratings
Car Survey.org User Oldsmobile Reviews
Internet Auto Guide Oldsmobile Reviews


For Sale / Parts

The H.A.M.B. Marketplace (Jalopy Journal)
Fusick Auto Parts (Specializing in Olds)
Mondello Performance (all Olds)
Automotive Touchup Paint (code matching)
Brothers Automotive Products
eBay Store - Auto, Service, Owners Manuals, and Sales Literature
H&H Classic Auto (Cutlass / 442 Interior Trim)
Oldsmobile Wheels at OriginalWheels.com

Oldsmobile hubcaps and wheel covers.
Oldsmobile Hubcaps
Your source for custom license plates, plate frames and accessories
All American Classics - Parts (Junk Yard Cars)
Coker Tire Co. (Antique tires-wheels)
OldRide.com Oldsmobile Classifieds


Car Care

WWW Boards

Oldsmobile Connection
Classic Oldsmobile.com
N-Body forum via Automotiveforums.com
Aurora Club of North America Forum


Car Clubs

Minnesota Olds Club (MOC)
Oldsmobile Club of Canada
National Antique Oldsmobile Club
Oldsmobile Club of America
Oldsmobile Club of Australia
List of other Oldsmobile Clubs from OCA
Olds Club of Florida
Willmar Car Club
Olds owners Germany Austria Swiss Luxemburg France Holland


Oldsmobile Pictures and Galleries

Curved Dash Pics
Oldsmobile Classic Car Pictures (Hubcap Cafe)
Oldtimer gallery. Cars. 1940 Oldsmobile.
The Encyclopedia of Oldsmobile
Galerie Voitures Anciennes du Québec
Trombinoscar Oldsmobile Gallery (French)


Oldsmobile Information and Reference

Great Cardomain Olds Page
Histomobile - "Most complete online car specifications in the world"
Oldsmobile Frequently Asked Questions (442.com)


Automotive Legal Advice



Oldsmobile Advertisements

Oldsads.org - (great scans of older Olds advertisements)
Fullsize GM.com - Oldsmobile Advertisements
Oldsmobile Advertising Slogans
Plan59.com Cars Gallery - Cars Index
Oldsmobile Ads at: The Old Car Manual Project


Specific Model Information

69Olds.com All 69, all the time (now via Internet Archive...slow to load)
1959 Oldsmobile 98 Holiday Sport Sedan
1962 Oldsmobile Information Site
Curved Dash info
More Curved Dash info
Oldsmobile Toronado - 66-71
Toronado Owners Association
Oldsmobile Toronado Trofeo - Davids 1991 collectible automobile
Toronado FAQ Page via The Internet Wayback Machine
Vista Cruiser.com .. Welcome



Oldsmobile 1949-1953 - Phil Seeds Virtual Car museum
RE Olds Transportation Museum
GM World Detroit
AACA Museum
Dr. Oldsmobile Museum - IL, USA 


Oldsmobile Concepts

Concept Carz - Prototype Vehicles
The 1969 Hurst-Olds Page - Prototypes
CruiZart Car Design Sketches by Gary D. Smith


General Motors

About GM Canada - Company Overview
GM USA - Company Profile
Educate Yourself - General Motors
William Durant - Biography History
GM Heritage Center - Generations of GM History