Oldsmobile Achieva

A compact car with an attitude. -1994 Oldsmobile Ad

Year to Year Changes

1992 Achieva:
Achieva was offered in 4 different trim levels: S and SL, available on both coupes and sedans. Sporty SC and SCX were available in coupes. The base S offered a 120 hp 4-cylinder, while the SL had the 160 hp "Quad 4" engine standard, that was optional on the S model. A 160 hp V6 engine was optional for the SL. The SC coupe had a standard 180 hp high-output Quad 4 with 5-speed manual transmission or a 3 speed auto, with the V6 being an option.

1993 Achieva:
Achieva models saw a reduction in power across the engine lineup due to changes made to comply with stricter emission requirements. This resulted in all engine outputs being 5 hp lower for 1993 when paired with auto transmission. Including the SCX which was down to 185 hp for its final year. Other changes for 1993 included a revised front engine mount and changes to the Quad 4 block casting to address criticism for that engine's NVH characteristics.

1994 Achieva:
A driver-side airbag was added as a standard feature, and the Buick-developed 3.3L "3300" V6 was replaced by a Chevrolet-designed 3.1L "3100" V6. This V6 only came with a 4 speed automatic transmission.

1995 Achieva:
In 1995, trim levels were reduced. SC coupe and SL sedan, divided into two groups, Series I and Series II according to equipment. The Quad 4 with 150 hp and 3.1L V6 with 155 hp were the only available engines for 1995. New for 1995 was standard speed-variable power steering. The rear-axle suspension geometry has been improved by relocating the rear coil springs to the centerline of the axle to reduce forces transmitted to the vehicle body. Complementing that change is a rear anti-roll bar and, up front, stiffer bushings mounting the front struts and control arm bushings. The tires have also been "retuned" for less rolling resistance. Last year of front door mounted seatbelts (92-95).

1996 Achieva:
More standard features added, include standard air conditioning, daytime running lamps, and a new dashboard featuring revised gauges and a passenger-side airbag. A Series III equipment level was added while the Series I was now only available on the coupe. The new base/standard engine was a 2.4L four-cylinder "Twin Cam" that replaced the 2.3L "Quad 4". Front seatbelts now mounted on pillar (96-98).

1997 Achieva:
The lineup is simplified to two trim levels, Series I and II. The standard equipment roster is upgraded with the addition of an automatic transmission, larger touring tires, power exterior mirrors, driver's side adjustable lumbar support, and standard traction control. Side-impact standards are met. Series II Coupe gets new alloy cross-lace alloy wheels.

1998 Achieva:
Oldsmobile limited sales of the Achieva to fleets.