1893 - Olds ships his four wheeled flash-boiler based vehicle to Bombay, India. Marking the first sale of a Michigan-made vehicle and likely the first U.S. export of a vehicle.

1895 - R.E.Olds applies for (in 1895) and receives (in 1896) a patent for a "Gas or Vapor Engine".
See also - Patent for "Combined Gas and Steam Engine".

1897 - Olds publicly offers for sale his first gas powered vehicle. Olds Motor Vehicle Company is formed August 21, 1897 (sold this company in 1899, and renamed Olds Motor Works).

1897 1898
4 Passenger Trap (Front)
4 Passenger Trap (Rear)
Curved Dash Prototype
(difficult to find photos as
only 5-6 were produced)
Curved Dash Prototype