Oldsmobile Advertisements

189? No Accidents With The Oldsmobile Click
1899 Olds Gasoline Engine Works Click
1900-04 Oldsmobile Curved Dash Runabout Specifications  hd32 Click
1902 You see them everywhere! The popular Oldsmobile. (Added Aug 2019)   Click 
1903  We won the race! 4-HP Olds VS. 8-HP Cadillac (Added Aug 2019) Click
1903 America's Oldest Motor Car Manufacturer  hd32
1903 The Oldsmobile "Goes"  hd32
1903 Bring in the Yule Log -- The Oldsmobile Click
1903 The Oldsmobile all over the world Click
1904  The sun never sets on the Oldsmobile hd32   (Added Aug 2019) Click
1904 The Oldsmobile is built on the foundation stone of experience  hd32
1904 Oldsmobile All the time- On time- Every time  hd32
1904 Best value for the money ever offered Click
1904 Your Best Business Partner -- The Oldsmobile Click
1905 Makes Everyone Your Neighbor -- The Oldsmobile Click
1905 An office on wheels - Oldsmobile Click
1905 A Business Opportunity Click
1905 The Contrast of the Centuries Click
1905 OLDSMOBILE Two New Commercial Cars. Click
1906  Uphill or down-Sandy road or asphalt pavement... hd32   (Added Aug 2019) Click
1906 The "Invasion of the West" is typical of the North, South and East by the Olds... Click
1906 Standard Runabout Model B. Price $650.00. Click
1907 Oldsmobile Roadability  hd32
1908 The Logical Oldsmobile Click
1909 Oldsmobile 'Six' With 42 inch Wheels Click
1910 The marked difference in wheel diameter, shown by... Click
1911 Comfort on the Highway hd32 (Added Aug 2019) Click
1911 The Autocrat 4 Cylinder Oldsmobile  hd32
1911 The Car of Today -- and of Tomorrow Click
1911 A really NEW limousine Click
1911 Oldsmobile 14th Year (#1) Click
1911 Oldsmobile 14th Year (#2) Click
1911 Oldsmobile 14th Year (#3) Click
1912 The "Defender" is Esablished  hd32
1912 "Autocrats" of the Road   Click
1912 The "Autocrat"- A Superb Car Perfected   Click
1914 The man who drives an Oldsmobile... Click
1914 This is the year of the Oldsmobile Click
1914 Here is the Greatest Six-Cylinder Car Ever Produced Click
1915 1915 Greatest Sensation Model 42 hd32 (Added Aug 2019) Click
1919 Oldsmobile SEE IT at the Autoshow hd32 (Added Aug 2019) Click
1919 Announcing the smartest new car of 1919 hd32 (Added Aug 2019) Click
1919 Oldsmobile Economy Truck Click
1920  Oldsmobile 8-Cyl - The car of ACTION hd32 (Added Aug 2019) Click
1920  Get an Oldsmobile Economy Truck (Added Aug 2019) Click
1920 For all around utility, the Oldsmobile... hd32 (Added Aug 2019) Click
1920 Announcing the New Oldsmobile 4  hd32
1920 New Creations by Artist-Engineers Click
1920 Oldsmobile 23rd year Click
1920 The Smartest New Car of 1920 Click
1921 To Extend The Fame of a Good Name  hd32
1922 Oldsmobile One-Ton Truck  hd32
1923 A New General Motors Achievement ~ A Six at $750 Click
1924 The Six Cab  hd32
1924 A New GM Achievement ~ A Six at $1095 Click
1925 General Motors Car Sales  hd32
1925 At only $890-Oldsmobile's ever popular touring... Click
1926 Oldsmobile Six Christmas  hd32
1926 As months and miles roll by you're glad you drive an Oldsmobile Click
1926 Firm in public favor now made better than ever. Click
1926 Buy with confidence - Own with pride. Click
1926 Beauty - Performance - Price. Not one but all three.  Click
1927 Oldsmobile Jubilee Series  hd32
1927 Gratifies your finer tastes. Satisfies your every need. Click
1927 Announcing four-wheel brakes. At no price increase. Click
1928 The Fine Car of Low Price hd32 (Added Aug 2019) Click
1928 GM Decenteralized Operations  hd32
1928 Body by Fisher - Style  hd32
1928 What a difference real comfort makes. Click
1928 Proved by a million miles. The fine car of low price. Click
1929 The New Viking Ninety Degree V  hd32
1929 A New Name.. The Viking..  hd32
1929 Only Viking Offers the Luxury  hd32
1929 How can we improve this Olds  hd32
1929 Compare Its Value  hd32
1929 Designed to do all things well  hd32
1929 Restful to Drive  hd32
1929 Drive it Through Traffic  hd32
1929 Finer than ever - Lower in price Click
1929 Now more than ever - In the spotlight of... Click
1929 When you meet an Oldsmobile owner... Click
1930 You'll Like It When You Drive It Click
1930 Oldsmobile Six - Viking Eight Click
1931 Dealer Opening Announcement Click
1931 In All The Four Factors Click
1931 Body by Fisher Click
1932 A host of important new features hd32 (Added Aug 2019) Click
1933 Washington is certainly talking Oldsmobile hd32 (Added Aug 2019) Click
1933 Wherever smart people go... hd32 (Added Aug 2019) Click
1933 The Completely Modern Car hd32 (Added Aug 2019) Click
1934 What is the difference between hydraulic brakes... Click
1936 " I'm glad I bought an Oldsmobile! "   Click
1937 The New Automatic Safety-Transmission Click
1937 Make it a Merry Christmas Click
1937 Simple as A-B-C to pick a good used car Click
1937 In a class by itself! Click
1938 "The Glamour of Oldsmobile" Click
1939 Lowest Priced Car in America Wtih Modern Coil Springs All Around! Click
1939 Only in Olds! - The New Rhythmic Ride Click
1941 Nearest thing yet to a Magic Carpet! Click
1941 All in One Big, Low Priced GM car! Click
1941 Olds Crashes Low-Price Field Click
1941 You can always count on Oldsmobile Click
1942 Keep 'em firing! Click
1943 Oldsmobile Service Click
1945 Look to Olds for all that's new Click
1945 Fire-Power is our business - WW2 Ad Click
1945 What's ahead at Oldsmobile Click
1946 Oldsmobile Christmas Ad  hd32
1946 LOOK! There isn't any clutch pedal Click
1946 Style that makes 'em stop and look again! Click
1947 Model 78 4 Door Sedan hd32 (Added Aug 2019) Click
1947 Model 98 4 Door Sedan hd32 (Added Aug 2019) Click
1947 You'll be "in the swim" hd32 (Added Aug 2019) Click
1947 Its Smart to go automatic Click
1948 The Fully Automatic Drive  hd32
1948 Leading the Way Into A New Golden Era Click
1948 The smart way to go places. Click
1948 Futuramic | Watch it as it hugs every curve... Click
1949 Futuramic Oldsmobile Animated Pencil  hd32
1949 New "Holiday" Coupe  hd32
1949 The New Thrill!... It's Futuramic! Click
1950 Oldsmobile Rockets Ahead Click
1950 Make a Date with a " Rocket 8 "! Click
1951 From any angle... New! New! New! hd32 (Added Aug 2019) Click
1951 How 2 Gallons came to do the Work of 3  hd32
1951 Featuring The Famous 'Rocket' Engine with Hydra-Matic Drive Click
1951 Smooth sailing when you ride the Rocket! Click
1952 Tomorrow's Classic Ninety-Eight Convertible hd32 (Added Aug 2019) Click
1952 The Whole World looks up to the "Rocket"! Click
1952 Oldsmobile New "Rocket" Ready!  Click
1952 Oldsmobile presents a modern classic Click
1953 A thing of beauty... A joy to posess! Click
1953 POWER! at every Turn! at every Stop! at every Go! Click
1953 Presenting the new classic for 1953 Click
1954 Height of fashion | That low-level look. Click
1954 Spirits go up... when tops go down! Click
1954 Suburban scenery by Westchester. Sports tweed by... Click
1955 Come on - live a little! Click
1955 Olds shows its colors... and you can take your choice! Click
1955 Golf green by Ponte Vedra. Afternoon dress by... Click
1956 The fine line of distinction. Click
1956 Great number to go 'Buy'... especially right now! Click
1957 The Versatile "Fiesta" puts the spotlight on you! hd32 (Added Aug 2019) Click
1957 Check the score... and you'll go over to Olds. Click
1957 Lucky You! ...enjoying the luxury of a Starfire 98! Click
1958 An agile way to travel... hd32 (Added Aug 2019) Click
1958 They've discovered OLDSmobility! hd32 (Added Aug 2019) Click
1958 Oldsmobile presents the big record starring Patti... Click
1959 Oldsmobile for '59 Click
1959 The '59 Oldsmobile wheel in your hands will introduce... Click