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1960 Fisher Fabric Magic  hd32 Click
1960 1960 Oldsmobile Click
1960 Now satisfaction at every turn! Click
1961 Roomy... as all outdoors!  hd32 Click
1961 There's nothing like a new car for Enchantment Click
1962 Jetfire by Olds!  hd32 Click
1962 In a Class by Itself... In the low-price field! Click
1963 When you call for action... a Rocket answers! Click
1963 The car that spells LUXURY with capital letters. Click
1963 Styled to start you wishing! Click
1964 Starfire High adventure starts right here! Click
1965 New package of instant action..  hd32 Click
1965 Olds 442 New Package of Instant Action: Color It Cool! Click
1966 Think of a smooth flow of power from engine to road... Click
1966 The new one-of-a-kind car... Engineered by Oldsmobile Click
1967 442 The Road Car / Rally Machine in Street Clothing! Click
1967 Next to mink, Toronado is the most exciting animal... Click
1968 Olds 442: Here's What's Behind the reputation. Click
1968 If you can try one and not buy one, brother, have you got willpower. Click
1969 Olds Vista-Cruiser: Keeps a sharp lookout with 11... Click
1969 A wild-blue-yonder kind of excitement: Olds Cutlass... Click
1970 Beneath that Air-Scooped, Fiberglass hood rumbles as large a V-8... Click
1970 Call Budget Rent-A-Car for this Olds Cutlass... Click
1971 Oldsmobile fleet cars make servicing...  hd32 Click
1971 Considering the amount of time you spend in your car, we think it... Click
1971 A beautiful Ninety-Eight kind of day. Click
1972 Meet the 1972 Olds 442, 442, 442, 442! Click
1972 1972 Toronado There's Nothing Common... Click
1973 A beautiful car inside a beautiful car  hd32 Click
1973 Engineered the first time so you'll buy it the second time. Click
1973 First You'll Like How Good It Looks Click
1973 Meet the new Omega. If you think you can't afford an... Click
1973 Meet the new Omega. The under $2700 Oldsmobile. Click
1973 Cutlass Salon by Oldsmobile. Its not like any other Cutlass. Click
1974 Is the step up to the Olds Cutlass really such a big step?  hd32 Click
1974 If you are going to spend more than $5000 for a car, you should get... Click
1974 Reclining seats. Steel-belted radials. Special... Click
1975 Super Psych. Click
1976 We built this Olds 98 for Walt Lecat, who expects the car he buys to... Click
1976 You're no ordinary driver. Starfire GT is no ordinary... Click
1976 We built this Cutlass Salon for Dick Cullen who wanted... Click
1977 Oldsmobile Can We Build One For You? Click
1977 Ten things that will happen when you test drive... Click
1977 Cutlass Salon tours Limerock. Click
1978 Save now on specially equipped Cutlass Salons.  hd32 Click
1978 Discover that great Cutlass feeling: retreat into solid luxury in Olds ... Click
1978 Cutlass Salon takes on Audi Fox and VW Dasher. Click
1979 Now Oldsmobile Starfire comes with standard sporty... Click
1979 Talk space. Talk features. Talk whatever pleases you... Click
1979 Introducing America's great new Efficiency... Click
198? What's on your mind Detroit? Auto Show Poster  hd32 Click
1980 The Oldsmobile of Small Cars  hd32 Click
1980 Cutlass watchers, look again.  hd32 Click
1980 Cutlass watchers, stop watching.  hd32 Click
1980 There's more to Cutlass Supreme than meets... Click
1980 The diesel Cutlass Cruiser: Oldsmobiles... Click
1980 Before you spend any money for a new wagon... Click
1981 Comfort and convenience are often two different... Click
1981 "Our new Delta 88" A true story by Dick Van Patten Click
1981 This is my Cutlass Sedan... but I call it the 'Gilbert'... Click
1981 Announcing the 1981 Cutlass Supreme Brougham... Click
1982 "Families deserve the nicer things in life, too." Click
1982 All he expected a compact car to be was practical. Click
1982 Cutlass Ciera. When Oldsmobile introduces a front-wheel drive car, even... Click
1982 Families Deserve The Nicer Things In Life... Click
1983 How did Cutlass become America's most popular... Click
1983 The Oldsmobile II Design Staff made this car a leader. It's high tech... Click
1984 1984 Olds Omega.  hd32 Click
1984 These are practical times. But...  hd32 Click
1984 1984 Olds Cutlass Supreme.  hd32 Click
1984 A Great Business Combination... Alamo Rent A Car  hd32 Click
1984 Toronado Caliente. Oldsmobile's latest statement in personal luxury. Click
1984 Cutlass Ciera Holiday Coupe. This car says a lot about style, and it... Click
1984 Limited Edition Hurst/Olds. You don't just turn it on. You turn it loose. Click
1985 Olds Cutlass Ciera. Designed and Suited for The Space Age.  hd32 Click
1985 The luxurious difference between riding the road and managing it. Click
1985 New Calais from Oldsmobile. Any way you measure it, it more than... Click
1986 Regency Ninety-Eight  hd32 Click
1986 Firenza - Now you can afford to live beyond your means.  hd32 Click
1986 Olds Calais. When the sun goes down and the moon comes up...  hd32 Click
1987 The Revolutionary Quad 4 Cutlass Calais  hd32 Click
1987 Who says black tie can't be candy-apple red? Click
1987 3,302 pounds of precious metal. Click
1987 Other cars change Detroit. We change the world. Click
1988 Consider the Oldsmobile Alternative.  hd32 Click
1988 Step up to the New Generation of Olds.  hd32 Click
1988 Celebrate the New Generation of Olds.  hd32 Click
1988 On a Cutlass Ciera, Everything is built to last.  hd32 Click
1988 A car this advanced is very rare.  hd32 Click
1988 Cutlass Supreme is born. Again.  hd32 Click
1988 A technologically superb road car...  hd32 Click
1988 Slippery when dry. Click
1988 Oldsmobile - Division Ad  hd32 Click
1988 World's Fastest Moving Car Company Click
1989 35 miles per gallon can be fun.  hd32 Click
1989 Now every tourist can fly first class.  hd32 Click
1989 Avis presents the Supreme Weekend Deal  hd32 Click
1989 Take a look at the car your kid will be driving in the year 2000.  hd32 Click
1990 Handles the groceries. Car pools the kids. And cooks.  hd32 Click
1990 This is the New Generation of Oldsmobile. Click
1990 Cutlass Supreme SL. One car that beats both...  hd32 Click
1990 The New Toronado Trofeo. See performance...  hd32 Click
1991 National features GM cars like Olds Cutlass Ciera  hd32 Click
1991 National features GM cars like the Olds Cutlass Supreme  hd32 Click
1991 Don't Jump into a new vehicle without it. Click
1991 Put your money in a safe place Click
1991 There is nothing more beautiful than...  hd32 Click
1991 Sure, its possible to find another car this unique.  hd32 Click
1992 My boss promises me a big raise and promotion.. Click
1992 There is nothing more beautiful than the power of... Click
1992 Some measure performance with a stopwatch... Click
1993 Sorry. For a minute there I thought you said...  hd32 Click
1994 Weeeeee're Baaack. Click
1994 Behold the rebirth of Oldsmobile Click
1994 "Nice place you got here." Click
1995 It's your thirty-two grand. Demand better.  hd32 Click
1995 Cutlass Supreme Convertible  hd32 Click
1997 Aurora Allure - Defy Convention  hd32 Click
1997 Aurora Arouse - Defy Convention  hd32 Click
1997 Don't buy an Aurora simply because you...  hd32 Click
1997 This automobile doesn't start at $36,400  hd32 Click
1997 To engage SmartTrak, forget about it.  hd32 Click
1997 The New Cutlass - totally rethought  hd32 Click
1997 The New Cutlass - totally redesigned  hd32 Click
1997 Intrigued?  hd32 Click
1997 Intrigued? (Variation)  hd32 Click
1997 Silhouette, Put it to the Test - Oldsmobile Website screen-capture Click
1999 Silhouette Premiere: Features - Oldsmobile Website screen-capture Click
1999 It's difficult to appreciate how stylish you are when... Click
1999 The 1999 Oldsmobiles Click
1999 S.O.S. OnStar - Aurora, 88, Intrigue, Silhouette Click
1999 Some Trips Are Just More Magical Click
2000 Today's Oldsmobile is moving people... Click
2000 Oldsmobile Website screen-capture Click
2000 Alero, Start Driving in Color - Oldsmobile Website screen-capture Click
2000 Intrigue, Start Commanding Performance - Oldsmobile Website screen-capture Click
2000 Silhouette (Intro to new 2001 Silhouette) - Oldsmobile Website screen-capture Click
2002 Main Page for Alero - Oldsmobile Website screen-capture Click
2003 Main Page for Intrigue - Oldsmobile Website screen-capture Click
2003 Main Page for Bravada - Oldsmobile Website screen-capture Click
2003 Main Page for Silhouette - Oldsmobile Website screen-capture Click
2003 Oldsmobile Website screen-capture (Aurora) Click
2004 Oldsmobile Website screen-capture (Alero) Click
2004 Oldsmobile Website screen-capture (Bravada) Click
2004 Oldsmobile Website screen-capture (Silhouette) Click
2004 Have you considered other GM brands? Click