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Oldsmobile VIN

The VIN on your car is a series of numbers and letters that can tell you a lot about your car.

It tells you the style of body, the model year of the car, where it was built, and in some cases the particular engine installed in the car. These GM VIN cards can help you learn a lot of the basics about your Olds.

vin pdf 79
VIN card .zip file 1972 to 1979

vin pdf 89
VIN card .zip file 1980 to 1989

vin pdf 99
VIN card .zip file 1990 to 1999

vin pdf 04
VIN card .zip file 2000 to 2004


vin pdf hurstolds
"It's All About the Numbers" is a running series of articles within the 'Thunder & Lightning' newsletter by Judy Badgley, original director of the H/OCA. This particular article focuses on Hurst/Olds VINs.

Oldsmobile Colors

olds paint colors1
1928 to 1988 Oldsmobile paint colors in one .zip file.

olds paint colors2
1989 to 2004 Oldsmobile paint colors in one .zip file.

olds brochure colors
Approx 1962 to 2003 Oldsmobile colors brochure captures in one .zip file.

Oldsmobile RPO Codes

Regular Production Option (RPO) is a General Motors standard coding for vehicle configuration options. These codes are a combination of 3 alphanumeric characters and refer to a specific option or modification to the vehicle.

W codes were usually reserved for Oldsmobile's performance options. Similar to Chevy's "Z" options.

F codes were used for suspension packages/upgrades.

olds RPO graphic1965 to 1972 RPO code sheets in one .zip file.