Oldsmobile Viking

(1929 - 1931)

Oldsmobile's 'companion make', the upscale Viking was introduced in 1929.
Available as a convertible coupe, four door sedan, and close-coupled four door brougham, all on a 125 inch wheelbase. Each could be had in Standard or DeLuxe, or top line Special trim.
- From Oldsmobile's Enthusiasts Website.

The Viking was the only GM companion car that was more expensive than its "senior" marque, in this case Oldsmobile. It was the first car ever produced with a monobloc V-8. And it used horizontal valves.
- From McLellansAutomotive

Oldsmobile Viking was part of Albert Sloan's companion makes introduction to help span gaps in General Motors pricing structure. As such, the Viking was built by Oldsmobile and designed to bridge the gap between Oldsmobile and Buick's 'companion make', the Marquette.
- From Wikipedia

Viking production:

1929 was 4,058 units
1930 was 2,813 units

1931 was 353 units*

*GM discontinued the Viking at the end of the 1930 model year, however an additional 353 units were assembled using existing parts and marketed as 1931 models.

Oldsmobile Viking at the R. E. Olds Transportation Museum in Lansing, Michigan

Oldsmobile Viking motor at the R. E. Olds Transportation Museum in Lansing, Michigan

1930 Oldsmobile Viking Touring Sedan