1988 Oldsmobile PPG Pace Car

The first application of a "heads up" windshield display originally developed by Hughes Aircraft

1988 olds ppg pace red

For 1988, there were:
2 - Official Oldsmobile pace cars (one as a backup)
50 - Replica Cutlass Supreme convertible pace cars
200* - Cutlass Supreme coupe pace cars, some with a sunroof
*Some sources list 250 coupe pace cars were produced.

The red car shown above has been proven to be later repainted gold and transformed with body, interior and engine modifications to resemble the 1992 model year Oldsmobile Cutlass. It is not clear to me when the car was red (or even if it is the same car as the black/silver pace car), it was either red before, or after the black/silver painted car (which paced the 1988 Indy 500), as its body was using the '88-'91 Cutlass Supreme styling.

When Olds was awarded the pace car project, it couldn't take a car off the assembly line because the GM10 Body (codename for W-Body) wasn't yet in production. Instead, Olds delivered to C&C (Cars & Concepts) two all-but-obsolete hand built prototypes. Olds admitted the cars were in sorry shape from extensive test work, but "we really don't care about the condition because we're going to tear it apart anyways," said Ken Hart (C&C Vice President).

In addition to the Indy 500 pace cars, 50 convertible replicas were produced by the company. If the top not already been removed, the 1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme pace car included performance that could figuratively blow its top. A turbocharged and intercooled version of the 2.3-liter Quad Four engine was dropped into the car producing up to 250hp.

The black and silver-gray colored Cutlass Supreme convertible pace car was driven by a man who travelled faster than any Indy 500 pilot. Chuck Yeager, the first person to fly an aircraft faster than the speed of sound, drove the Oldsmobile. The 1988 race was Yeager’s second time as a pace car driver having driven a Chevrolet Corvette two years earlier. Similar to a modern jet fighter aircraft, the Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme pace car included a head-up display system.

1988 olds ppg gold0

1988 olds ppg gold1

1988 olds ppg gold2

1988 olds ppg gold3

1988 olds ppg gold4

1988 olds ppg gold5

1988 olds ppg gold6

1988 olds ppg gold7

1988 olds ppg gold8

1988 olds ppg gold9

1988 olds ppg gold10

1988 olds ppg gold11

1988 olds ppg gold12

1988 olds ppg gold13

1988 olds ppg gold14

1988 olds ppg gold16

1988 olds ppg gold17

1988 olds ppg gold18

1988 olds ppg gold19

1988 olds ppg gold20

1988 olds ppg gold21

1988 olds ppg gold22

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1988 olds ppg gold25

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1988 olds ppg gold30

1988 olds ppg gold31